Bestowed on me in July 2016 was a lifetime opportunity to be the 2nd person to lead our beloved interest group –Nigerian Women in Information Technology (NiWIIT) – alongside with ten (10) other great and highly dedicated women in IT. We knew that the preferment offered a huge privilege to serve and make a positive difference to a number of issues relating to bridging the digital divide in Nigeria. We had a focus (road map) which the 2nd and this 3rd National Executive Council of NiWIIT in collaboration with some esteemed NiWIIT members who we co-opted as members into various committee had worked tirelessly as a team to implement them.

“I will ascribe our accomplishments to great team effort. My role is to lead the team towards a common NiWIIT vision and coordinate the great talent we have towards key strategic goals”

We thank all our stakeholders (Nigeria Computer Society, College of Fellows of Nigeria Computer Society, Computer Professional [Registration Council] of Nigeria, NiWIIT Advisory Board, and ICON Women in IT. Also included are NiWIIT State Chapters’ Executives, our esteemed NiWIIT members, and National Association of Computer Science Students and others too numerous to mention) who have been part of this joint and epic endeavor in one form or the other. Our overall guide has been the implementation of the vision of the Nigerian Women in Information Technology; ‘

’ using our bye-law as a guide.

As the President of this beloved interest group over the last four years, one has had the onerous responsibility to manage the vision and objectives of the association, and set the agenda for development. In all that we tried to do, we were fair to all, firm but compassionate, consistent, ensuring that the voice of each NiWIIT member (whether old or young) is heard and respected equally. We were also prepared to defend all the actions that we took with the awareness that we had to put the long-term sustainable interest & unity of our great association on the front burner.

Generally, the criteria for evaluating a public officer’s stewardship at the end of tenure in office would naturally include an evaluation by his/her employer; the satisfaction of the public he/she served; and the hard facts of performance. While we leave you to judge us on how we have performed, we have tried to outline in the following pages, some of our major interventions over the last four years and for record purposes.

The focus of the 2nd and 3rd National Executive Council (during our tenure) is to consolidate on the laid down structures by the 1st NEC by focusing on: more Women and Girls in IT Advocacy, Research and Development and Positioning NIWIIT as the true voice for Nigerian Women in Information Technology. We will base our presentation on these.

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