This is to enjoin us ALL to attend this our forthcoming Conference which promise to be a platform for stakeholders to brainstorm and share practical solutions on this year conference theme : ROLES OF NIGERIAN WOMEN IN DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION OF NIGERIA: Present and Future, which is very apt and crucial now for discussion in our nation considering the fact that it become imperative for Nigeria to unlock the dividends of digital economy in the face of dwindling oil revenue with increasingly pressure on the economy and for the very fact that 50% of Nigerian populace are female which must not be ignore for the country to successfully build a #SmartNation that  will improve the country economy  growth and achieve the UN sustainable development goals in the country.

The Lead Speaker of this historic occasion is Her Excellency, Arabirin Betty-Ayankwu AKEREDOLU, The Ondo State First Lady.  The Ekiti State Government is going to be highly present too.


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