Niwiit 3rd National Conference


Women represent a crucial part of any nation’s economy. Information and Communications technologies (ICT) can provide unlimited opportunities for economic development and social engagement through new innovative thinking and tools.

Inability to tap into the talent base and harness the pote9tials of this crucial part might impede the successful implementation of the sustainable development goals. Therefore, charting the roadmap requires leveraging ICT and women to achieve sustained growth.

The 3rd National Conference of Nigerian Women In Information Technology (NIWIIT) will provide a platform for stakeholders from all sectors (government, industry, academia, multilateral agencies, international organizations, youth groups, civil society, etc) to brainstorm and share practical solutions though keynotes, presentations, demonstrations and panels curing the Conference.

Theme : Women and ICT: Veritable tools for Sustainable Economy.
  • 1. Bridging the gender parity gap in STEM,
  • 2. Cyber security A panacea for national security,
  • 3. Big data computing and its effects on ‘national economy,
  • 4. Cloud computing and crowd sourcing,
  • 5. E-learning Technology
  • 6. E-health
  • 7. E-government,
  • 8. E- commerce
  • 9. Management Information Systems.
  • 10. Green Computing.



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